Meet Janette

Janette Wright has managed agencies across the entire library sector, including local and state public libraries, the Higher Education sector and commercial agencies along the supply chain of scholarly publication, software and digitisation of content.

An experienced senior executive she has inspired and led innovation and service improvements in a period of rapid change for libraries, publishing and the scholarly record. Janette has demonstrated a deep appreciation for the enduring values of libraries and their role in documenting and preserving the record of Australia’s history and culture; in supporting life-long learning and the spread of digital literacy among scholars and the wider community.

She has led widespread community consultation for the development of long term strategic plans and is an effective communicator. With an interest in the developing fields of analytics to support and communicate the benefits of libraries and their services to stakeholders and funders, Janette aims to bring the best of today’s data analysis tools and expertise to advocate the value of libraries in their communities.

“Analysis of big data already held in cultural institutions has the potential to yield new knowledge for the humanities and social sciences just as data mining and analytics has supported decision-making in business. The application of new data modelling and visualisation tools to communicate new insights will enhance the level of understanding and engagement with stakeholders”
– Janette Wright, Co Founder, Biblio Insights