Meet Holley

Holley Dumble has extensive experience in the public library sector in a technical capacity and on the commercial side of the industry, gaining invaluable insights into library technology platforms through working with leading library management software solution providers.

With more than a decade of professional experience in technical, sales, marketing and business development roles with Sirsi, Civica and Ex Libris, Holley understands the role of enterprise technology platforms in the rapidly changing landscape of the biblio sector.  She has established or led successful business and sales growth strategies for market-leading, next-generation library services platforms and acquired in-depth knowledge of library market technology and a solid network of client relationships across Australia and New Zealand.

A key area of interest for Holley is keeping abreast of the rapid changes in library services platforms and enabling technologies that transform the ways in which biblio-centric institutions operate in today’s complex information environments.

I enjoy observing how new technologies and data enhance the day to day functional operations of the library back office and front of house customer services, to support new and value added service deliverables.

– Holley Dumble, Co founder Biblio Insights

Holley predicts that those libraries that choose the right combination of enabling software platforms and data analysis tools will gain value from the continuing shift towards personalised service delivery models and be best placed to deliver and maintain an enhanced and sophisticated experience for their users.